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Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, had everything ready-made for a great reign. His grandfather brought unity to the kingdom and peace by conquering their…
So far in our Hebrew king series, we've covered three kings and are now backing up to get one that we missed.
For you and I, in our daily lives, we need to make sure we adopt the 3 principles of "tank doctrine" for success:
Step back and think or reflect on your experience. Evaluate your experiences and learn from them because that, my friends, is how you gain wisdom!
Far too often, people - self included - give up doing the small things because they do not seem to matter.
If things are not going as well as we would like in the home, who is to blame. You are! A real leader accepts responsibility for outcomes with which…
Let's be honest, losing your focus is common when the hard times hit; but keeping that focus despite the mess is uncommon. Success requires that we…
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