Captured Moments

These "captured moments" are some of my best photographs as an amateur photographer. Each of them spoke to me, created a memory, and taught a lesson. ​In sharing them, I hope you benefit from the lessons learned.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the two figures in the center of this black and white photo.
I was able to capture this great moment from a recent fireworks show our family attended.
This image means a great deal to me as it captures my father and my brother on March 23, 2022.
While taking our family photos, my attention shifted to this little spider. It is amazing how it demonstrated their private craft in a rather public…
I stumbled upon a treat today. We decided to visit the Alamance Battleground as the location for our family pictures.
What is in this picture? You could say sand, bricks, storm damage, or many other things; however those are only partially right.
As the massive eruption on May 18, 1980 unfolded, David Johnston - a 30 year old volcanologist - had mere seconds to live.
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