Sep 7 • 8M

Defined by Moments - Episode 194 - James 1:19

James turns our attention to living the Word of God and begins with something we all struggle to implement

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Dr. Joel Medley
As today’s beliefs and behaviors determine who we become tomorrow. This moment, right now, is how we learn to live better so that we can lead better.
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James 1:19 (LSB)

Know this, my beloved brothers, But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

James Outline (thus far):

  1. Audience (1:1)

  2. Teaching on Trials (1:2-4)

  3. Words to the Wise (1:5-11)

  4. Trial/Temptation Explained (1:12-18)

  5. Living the Word (1:19-27)